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Salad Suppliers in London

We are P&I Side Salads, and we are excited to tell you all about our new look and innovative approach to the future of wholesale within the fresh produce industry.

We are taking huge steps towards a new way we conduct everyday business and we hope you will enjoy the journey with us. Our new stand at Covent Garden Market reflects our goals and ethos with a unique and innovative fresh new look. 

We know we are not there yet, but keep checking back to follow our updates and new website. Thanks for looking, in the meantime if you need anything at all please CONTACT US so we can help with any requirement you may have.


Damian Nieczyporowski

Commercial Manger

Barfoots of Botley

“We are proud to be working in partnership with Side Salads.

Communication between the companies is excellent which help’s us understand their needs and requirements.  

Working together help’s us identify solutions and innovate throughout the supply chain in order to provide the best quality products to meet consumer demands.


Matt Brunt UK Sales Manager Total Imports

Side Salads really lead the way in UK wholesale. 

Their commitment to branding, swift payments and us as a company help us to build better relationships with our growers which ultimately leads to better continuity and quality of product.

I have been trading with side salads for several years and always been impressed with their approach and willingness to help where they can.

Andy Allen

Portwood Asparagus

P&I have increased sales of Portwood Asparagus to more than 10,000 boxes in our short British Asparagus season. P&I has become the place to go for the finest quality asparagus, including sales to the highest profile customers and events.
For me they are a pleasure to work with, and as a grower I have peace of mind in knowing they are doing the very best job for me.

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